Connect HCS

CONNECT HCS (Hospitality Communication System) is the next evolution of our market leading communications solution, Connect HCS was designed to seamlessly integrate with today’s modern IT infrastructure.
The Connect HCS system allows you give true ownership of the call to your staff and reporting according allowing to easily track and manage workflow and tasks.


Some of the core features are:

  • Completely Web-Based configuration and management interface, accessible from any computer with network access.

  • At its core is our revolutionary EMS (Event Management System) which allows for complete control of the entire event workflows.

  • Built into the EMS is the DDS (Dynamic Decision Engine) which allows variable outcomes depending on specific events and current system state.

  • Smart Devices now enable Paging Call confirmation of delivery and acceptance, cheap oral jelly as opposed to traditional one-way RF Paging solution.

  • Smart Device integration allows for voice communication between attendants, managers and supervisors.

  • Smart Watch is a true Wi-Fi Device, and as such is not required to be tethered to a secondary device.

  • Scheduled task module allows for automatic generation and delivery of detailed reports.

  • Live Dashboard View

  • Customer Tablet for ordering Items and generating calls

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