BluFi Wireless

BluFi Wireless Australia (a division of Brighton Technologies Group) utilise the latest in innovative WiFi safety, communications and tracking technology. Since 1996 we have provided a range of leading brands in safety and security and services to over 4,500 customers around the world. Our BluFi Connect products have been built from the ground up to deliver premium tracking and monitoring solutions.

We are an Australian owned and operated business, where our competitors are mainly distributors for internationally owned organisations. Rapidly expanding, BluFi Wireless also own and distribute Australian made products and services to other countries such as USA, UK and Europe.
BluFi Wireless Australia kamagra drives leading wireless technology innovations, products and services for a range of markets. Contact us to discover how our leading communication systems, paging solutions, wireless alert and staff tracking systems, DECT phones and DECT infrastructure and Private Branch Exchanges can improve your business.


The next evolution of our market leading Communications solution. Connect was designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and bridge the gap into today’s modern IT infrastructure capabilities providing the One Solution, One Device enabling 2 way messaging, Text to Speech, PUSH TO TALK and call acknowledgment all from the one device, this paired with Connects next generation Workflow and Task management system gives ownership and accountability of events happening throughout the system.