Genesis Gaming Paging Software – End of Life

To whom it may concern,

BTG, the owners of BluFi Wireless Australia Pty Ltd and the Genesis Gaming Paging Software, wish to advise our customers and users who have purchased or rented our Genesis software that we will no longer be supporting the Software past 15th December 2015.

Genesis was written back in 1998 in Visual Basic language and operated on Windows 95 upwards, but over the past years with all the changes and advancements in operating systems, we have had to put an end of life on Genesis.

Genesis has served us well with thousands of installations from large Casinos in Australia, Macau, UK, Europe and USA, Clubs and general Industry using our software, but the replacement has now been launched with great excitement, called BluFi Connect.

We are offering basic users the option to upgrade with a sliding scale discount based on age of product and we are offering full suite software solutions offered by Connect with Wi Fi Devices such as Smartphones and Watches as today’s wearable devices, as a subscription model moving forward.

The Connect platform is 10 x more feature rich, easier to use and offers much greater functionality than Genesis.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact our office +612 97924188

Kind Regards,

Darren Brighton
Global Sales & Marketing Manager